My kids, Their Style.


Ever since Alice started school last year, she has dressed herself, sometimes I will pick out an outfit and bring it to her, sometimes, she will except it, and sometimes she won’t. I’ve always been perfectly okay with this arrangement even when it results in a banana dress too short for her to wear as a dress anymore and space leggings for her school picture day. Because even though I have wanted to let her teachers know as I dropped her off that this particular style of the day was not my idea it is who Alice is and chooses to be. And I want her to know that I support that, and I love that she has her own taste that are not mine.

It’s called Fashion. Look it up.

The week before kindergarten Alice told me she wanted a hair cut that we had seen on a cool hipster barista. It was a side cut. I told her I’d talk to her dad about it. Really, I was worried she would regret shaving half her head and cry the first day of school. And so, I sat on it, and talked to Caleb about it, who had the same concern. But she kept asking, and unlike a lot of ideas Alice has and then forgets about the next day, she did not let this go.  So, we took her to get a side cut. And she loved it. Her first school picture she has a big smile with short hair on one side and she rocks it.

This year really seems to be no different. She has already started school, but she is determined to get her hair cut and dyed teal on the bottom before school pictures.

Some of you might think this is a bit much for a six-year-old and I should lay out my ground rules, but the thing is, I don’t really care how she cuts or styles her hair. When I first googled side cuts for kids, there was ONE picture. ONE girl her age with a side cut on the internet. And when I looked up hair dye for kids, the first search terms were “How young is too young for hair dye?” and “How old does my child have to be to dye their hair?” If I was in charge of answering these I would probably just say, “once they’re past infancy is a safe bet.” Other than that, maybe just wait until they can hold still for an hour while their hair is getting done, other than that, it’s for you and your child to decide, not the internet.

 If it makes her happy then I’m happy. And, of course we do have wardrobe rules, she has to wear weather appropriate outfits and we always follow school policies on clothes, but other then that, it’s her body, and she’s the one who needs to feel comfortable in it. Not me, not anyone else.

So, if you see a kid wearing a Christmas shirt with cat leggings and rainbow dash headband, she’s probably my kid. And she’s awesome.

And seriously, we’re stuck living in the burbs where everyone is older and boring, so having some rainbow colors and a cool kid with a funky side is way fun.

I’m also looking forward to how Atticus is going to change his style up in the future. So far, he’s looking pretty hip.

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