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Well, we had a day. Thursday morning at about 2-3 AM our power went out. I woke up when I heard the A/C turn off and everything in the house immediately went quiet. Hurricane Dorian didn’t cause any damage to our house, and we were very lucky not to be in a flood zone during the storm, but my kids thought it was the end of the world.

My kids definitely were not smiling this much though.

All day long, no matter how many activities, and play-doh, and blanket forts we made they were not happy. They seriously were the worst. Alice picked fights with her brother and complained constantly that she couldn’t watch TV or play anything on the computer. Atticus missed his nap and would fly into a meltdown at any minor inconvenience.

My husband took it in stride. He sat at the piano and played music for them on and off through out the day. He opened windows and let in the breeze and had the kids sit on his lap to watch the wind blowing everything around the neighborhood. When the kids were playing nicely (which was not often) he would go in our room and organize things to keep himself busy.

I would like to say I was also a picture of grace and poise and took everything in stride, but I was not. The kids drove me bonkers. I would ask them nicely to clean up play-doh before moving on to the next activity and they would lose their minds, like I just asked them to clean up an entire play-doh factory. I would make them food and they would take 2 bites and then say they we’re hungry and run off with out taking care of anything only to complain that they needed more food 10 minutes later. They would come and cry and whine to me while I sat by the window trying to read that they were bored and had nothing to do.

I know, this is all very normal kid behavior. It’s really nothing I haven’t dealt with before, but yesterday being stuck inside with the humidity, and the rain, and the play-doh stuck to my socks and the dog constantly needing to be dried off I lost it. I needed a break. I needed to not be needed by them. While Caleb sat at the same chair by the window I had tried to sit at and read, no one bothered him or even gave him a second glance. And I thought that would be nice. To be able to sit in one place and not be asked for anything or jumped on as soon as I sat down or yelled at from the other room for a blanket that is literally right next to them. My husband could read my thoughts and before I could say anything, he said “I know you think it’s nice that I get to sit here with no one, but think about how the whole family gravitates to you where ever you go because they just want to be near you. They’re not trying to bother you; they just love you.”  And that was very sweet and great and it’s nice to know that you’re the center of someone else’s world and they can’t live without you.

But a little while later, I still locked myself in my bedroom to read a book with out being interrupted, because you know, “me time”.  

And if you can cross your fingers for me that Target is open today so I can replace everything that went bad in the fridge yesterday, and maybe get a couple of nice fall smelly candles.

Target off the last of my stress…

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