The case for Fall.

flannel friday

So, I know technically it’s not exactly fall yet, but, with Starbucks declaring September 1st the beginning of PSL season I think we can all say goodbye to summer and start breaking out the tablecloths we use as scarves that match our flannel shirts and call it a day.

I know I don’t have to push a lot of people on this, people love fall. It’s like, a big deal. But I know with all the fall lovers there’s also the people crying over the end of summer. To that I like to say, calm down. We sat through all your “Yay, it’s summer! Let’s all stand in the heat and sweat all day!” terrible Instagram posts and we liked every single one of them even though we were dying inside because we’re supportive friends! So, don’t get all whiny at me when I throw on my boots and pretend it’s not still 90 degrees outside. I’ll know it’s still 90 degrees and be very sad, but I’m pushing through to that apple orchard dammit.

Just let us cold blooded people have this. Especially the ones stuck living where fall weather doesn’t even officially start until the end of November.

And besides, you know in the end, you’ll get what you want, I mean with global warming we’ll all be melting on the beach in a heat wave by February in a couple of years right? So, let’s all enjoy fall a bit more this year. Because it’s awesome. And I want to be able to wear my sweaters and not sweat just standing outside for a while. Thanks.

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