Confessions of a Disorganized Mom

I started this blog a while ago but hadn’t finished it, and I thought I’d let you know why before diving in. I’m not going to lie, I know last week I was off my game with my writing. I actually did not start or finish one idea I had. It was a busy week. My husband had surgery (he’s fine and on the mend) My MIL came to stay and help us with the kids, and of course at least one child got sick, and graced me with their illness which my body did not handle the best. So, with a pounding headache, fever blisters, husband who is unable to pick up anything heavier then 10lbs for a few weeks and a first grader needing to be taken to school I barely had time to think about anything, and I think this is the first time in over a week I’ve sat down at a keyboard.

housework in heels?! I can barely do housework in my socks

For a lot of moms being organized comes naturally to them. The hustle of multiple kids, work, household chores, and emotional stability drives them to make awesome chore charts and to do lists that actually get checked off and they house is on a nice dusting timeline, so their fan blades never look furry. And that is AMAZING. Good for you guys.

There’s also the other moms who aren’t naturally organized but get in line and start routines so they can get their kids to school on time with out trying to remember if they brushed their teeth and packed a snack before they leave the house, and dinner in planned a week in advance so they can buy the groceries they need and only have to go to the store once a week. And that is also, AMAZING.

Then, there’s the moms like me, who as hard as we try, can not for the life of us jump on the organized bandwagon. I’ve made charts only to forget about them two days later, I’ve meal planned only to realize I forgot half the stuff on my grocery list. I get the kids in the car and then run back in for a hairbrush because there’s a huge knot in the back of my kid’s hair. It’s not that I don’t care about my fan blades or if my pantry is alphabetized, but it’s just not high on my priority list right now.

Me, hair a mess, hiding in the laundry room, eating a cookie. No Regrets.

There’s a ton of articles out there on finding “Hope” for disorganized moms, but let me tell you, I’m fine. Actually, most of us who are considered “hot mess moms” are completely fine. We like having top knots and comfy hoodies and showing up late to a PTA meeting with a Starbucks cup in hand and “Oh shoot did I just miss the parent sign up for that bake sale, dang, maybe next time.”

And even if I do look disorganized to you, understand that, I will always be there to listen to you complain if your kids are being assholes, and I will always bring you an extra coffee to the PTA meeting if you text me before I get there, and I will have candy snacks in my purse that are probably not organic. So, if you need a mom friend like that, hit up the nearest mom with big sunglasses and huge cup of caffeine in hand at the next school pick-up line. She might be hiding in her car until the last second though so she doesn’t have to socialize too much.

But here’s the thing, with how completely unorganized that I am, I still feel just as present and full of love for my kids as the super coordinated parents who have their act together a little more conventionally then I do.

At the end of the day, being a parent is hard, no matter how clean your house, and the fact that we all have our own way to love and take care of our children’s needs is pretty amazing. So, good job to all the parents out their doing their best, whatever that looks like.  

Now, I’ll go back to my coffee and toddler snuggles, while avoiding putting laundry in the dryer for a little longer.

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