Dishwashers are Heroes.


Have you ever woke up one morning and found a sink full of dishes that you forgot to put in the dishwasher the night before and now everything is dry and stuck to the plates and pans and it makes you super sad because now you have to spend your morning washing dishes instead of scrolling through Instagram while drinking your coffee? Is that just me?

I will never claim to be awesome at housework, maybe before my kids were born, I would make sure everything was neat and clean and put in its place. But now, with two kids running circles around me like they’re moons orbiting a planet and tripping that planet, so it nearly falls on them as the planet tries to put away very breakable dishes in high cabinets all day.

Having kids is fun guys.

Anyway, so the other day I was in the middle of this cycle of dirty dishes in the sink in the morning and filling up the dishwasher and when I turned it on it made what I thought was a funny noise. Our dishwasher came with the house, and is 13 years old, so I will tell you, it does make some weird noises at times any way, but this was a new weird noise. I conferred to my husband who looked at me like I was crazy, so I went about my day until the dishes were done much later on and my husband put them away and reloaded it without mentioning a thing. I assumed all was well until the next day.

That is when it happened.

I noticed the little soap pouch we put in had not dissolved. Well, crap. I told my husband I needed to re-run it because the soap hadn’t worked, and he remembered the soap looked the same in the load that he had put away the day before. Yeah, he put away a bunch of dishes that didn’t have any soap, so, that was a fun game of “what dirty plates have I been eating off of today”.

So, I tried to start running it again with new soap, and this time we both noticed the weird noise and opened the dishwasher, there was no water. My husband went on to burn himself on the heating coil because it was crazy hot with no water on it, so once it cooled, he took the whole dishwasher apart trying to find if anything was clogged, or if something was broken. From numerous GE website manuals and YouTube videos we found nothing. Our dishwasher had just died.

It’s been four days, and let me tell you, I miss my dishwasher so much. This is the most first world problem, millennial mom I’ve felt in a while, but I don’t care. I love having a dishwasher. If you have never had one, and you do your dishes by hand you are amazing, and I hope you have access to a good moisturizer, because my hands are very dry and cracked now. Also, if you have a working dishwasher, even if it’s 13 years old and really loud, and has a dent on the side from your kids trying to open it in a weird way, don’t take it for granted. Modern technology is a wonderful thing and I can not wait for this weekend when we will hopefully, be getting a new dishwasher and we’ll be able to send the old one off with the respect it deserves for its years of service.

Until then, my six year old has decided to make the statement that she thinks washing dishes is fun, so I plan on getting that in writing and making sure she remembers it when she’s a teenager and I need her to rinse off her plate before putting it in the sink.

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