Roadtrips and Panic Attacks

Road Trips and Panic Attacks

So, I was going to write a whole blog this week on traveling with kids. And how to make road trips less stressful, and how I over prepare for everything. And then I realized, writing the blog, and making plans for everything, and trying to plan for everything that may or may not happen on our six our trip was stressing me out more than anything.

And I started thinking about all the other parents, who, like me, google for months before a trip trying to figure out new ways to entertain their kids and make sure they have all the snacks and that no one is kicking the back of the driver’s seat. And how am I supposed to get my six-year-old not to hold in her pee for six hours because she hates public toilets (I get it, but, 6 hours is a long time). I get so anxious even thinking about it I can feel my jaw tightening as I’m typing.

So now I’m thinking, what if I didn’t do all that crazy stuff. What if my kids just had to deal with not having surprise bags every two hours to keep them entertained and a full organized snack tray in the center console with all their favorite treats? And what if my husband gets his seat kicked while he’s driving because our kids are giants and never pay attention what they’re actually doing? Would they survive? I think they would.

And I think I need to take a break. Because me having a panic attack about not having everything perfect to make everyone happy all the time isn’t good for anyone. The kids will be fine if they’re bored in the car, my husband can deal with a little bit of whining and his seat getting kicked, and I will be okay if everyone isn’t okay.

As moms I think we sometimes take it upon ourselves to fix everything for everyone, even when there isn’t a problem yet, and it’s exhausting. So, even though I will still have tons of snack, the videogames will be charged, and the bags will be packed, I will be bringing some headphones and a travel pillow for myself this time, because mom’s need to be taken care of too sometimes.

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