Thanksgiving is Underrated.

Anyone who knows me, or anyone from my family growing up knows we don’t mess around when it comes to Christmas. It’s like, a really big deal. Christmas is loud, and pushy, it sneaks it’s way in to all the other holidays, and it’s gotten to the point now that even when you see Halloween decorations at the store there’s a little corner in the back where Christmas lights are already slowly making their way out of storage. Even the biggest Christmas lovers can see, this is getting a little out of hand. Thanksgiving is usually left with one little shelf with some stacks of hay and signs that say “give thanks”.

As a kid, I couldn’t have cared less about Thanksgiving, it was just another time to go eat some food and hang out with my cousins.

Living close to all my family and friends makes you really unappreciative of seeing them until you’re an adult with kids and live 800 miles away.

In reality, the underrated-ness of Thanksgiving might be what makes it secretly so frickin’ great. I understand that the first Thanksgiving wasn’t all the wonderful Kumbaya and hand holding we’re taught in elementary school but I think the base of celebrating being thankful for what we have, and just eating a good meal without the pressure of gifts and lots of crazy decorations is just what we need inbetween Halloween and Christmas. Just taking a second to breathe, eat some pumpkin pie, and say thank you.

It’s simple, and if you don’t love hanging out with your family, you don’t even really have to talk to them, just keep your mouth full of turkey then after say your tired and go lay down for a nap until it’s time to go home.

Any way that you decide to celebrate or not celebrate this year maybe we could all take a second just to realize we have something to be thankful for without buying a bunch of colored lights and toys that are going to break with two minutes after the kids rip them open.

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